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Texas Gospel Music Hall opened August 26, 2006
Artists The Mark Trammell Trio & New Grace Trio
New Grace Trio

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States Of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
One Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.

Mark Trammell Trio
  NQC 2010 Louisville, KY  
The Issacs
Primative Quartet
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Collinsworth Family
Eddie Crook
Ray Deen Reese Manager
of the Kingsmen Quartet
The Kingsmen
Sonja Barber
Sonja Barber & Brad
New Grace Trio
The Kingsmen Quartet
Bill Grant & Welsh Mountain Band
Cody McVay
The Kingsmen Quartet
Bill Grant, Mike Powell & France Fulton
Little Roy & Lizzy
Hoppers, New Grace & Richard Fulton
Masters Of Cermonies
Richard Fulton
Hoppers Concert
Connie & Claude Hopper
Southern Drive & Frances Fulton with Mountain Man
Hoppers Bus

Hopper Concert 2010
Fiddler Emily Williams
Bill Grant & Sonja Barber

Bill Grant's hands
Southern Drive & Frances Fulton with Mountain Man
Southern Drive
Tribute Quartet
Tribute Quartet & Frances
Happiness is the Lord!
Carrol Sigman & First Voice Quartet
Brad Fulton & First Voice
The Sweets
Dove Brothers in Concert
Rich Flowers
Master of Ceremonies
Dove Brothers & Hearts of Grace
Gaither Vocal Band
Gaither Vocal Band
New Grace Trio
New Grace Trio
Kim Hopper
All ages love Ernie
Signature Sound!
Little Roy from the Lewis
Family & Frances Fulton
Brad Fulton & Sonja Barber
Tribute Bus