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Texas Gospel Music Hall opened August 26, 2006
Artists The Mark Trammell Trio & New Grace Trio
New Grace Trio

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States Of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
One Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.

Mark Trammell Trio
Southern Joy Quartet
Jeff & Sherri Easter
The Goldens
SGMA Hall of Fame
Cody McVey
The Kingsmen
The Pfeifers
Palmetto State Quartet
Less Butler & Frances Fulton
Less Butler
Audience enjoying Shiloh
& Palmetto State Quartet
Palmetto State in Athens, Tx.

Mark Trammell Quartet 2010
Steve Grahm
KRDH 1510 Radio
Palmetto State, Shiloh, Frances Fulton & Less-Butler


David Darst
Snow in Texas 2010!
Sonja, Frances & Grace
TVCC Ensemble
Natalie Fulton
& Dr. Mc Gilvary
Brian Free & Assurance 2010
TVCC Ensemble
Kellie Barber & Timothy Magill
Kellie Barber
Caleb Matheny
Lauren, Megan & Morgan
Southern Drive
Southern Drive & Frances Fulton
Frances Fulton
Southern Drive Bluegrass Gospel
Melody Boys, Frances Fulton, The Goldens
Maryland Wright
Favorite Things
Girsl working the concessions at TGMH
Left to right: Mc Kinzey, Grace, Emily Morgan,
Lauren, Kellie, Megan, Frances
Sold-out crowd
Kenneth & Gerald
Gerald Williams
David Pike
KBJS Radio
The Perrys, Kenneth, Brad & Frances
Fleshia ticket sales

Shirley-Lippincot & daughter
Melody Boys Quartet
Melody Boys Bus
Southern Joy Quartet
Intermission with The Perrys

The Perrys 2010
Triumphant Quartet Bus

MC Steve Graham & Wife
Hissong, Sharon Kay King, Frances & Kenneth Fulton
Melody Boys Quartet
Robert & Kenneth
Triumphant Quartet
Melody Boys Quartet
Lauren & Megan
Southern Joy 2010
Heart Song Quartet
Bill Grant
Lili taking tickets
Lauren at ticket table

MC Carroll Sigman
Dr. Quisling, Nashville
Red Roots SPGA Gospel Artists
Concessions Mackinzy
Danny Adams
Singing News Magazine
Dr. Quisling with Brent

Mr. Spears and Jim Hefner
Sold out crowd!

SPGA Breakfast Artists
SPGA Breakfast Artists