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Texas Gospel Music Hall opened August 26, 2006
Artists The Mark Trammell Trio & New Grace Trio
New Grace Trio

I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States Of America
and to the Republic
for which it stands,
One Nation under God,
indivisible, with liberty
and justice for all.

Mark Trammell Trio
Band with Brent
Sonja Barber Band
Brian Free & Assurance
Kenneth & Frances Fulton
Grace Fulton &
Lauren Talley
Girls in Concessions
Kenneth Fulton &
Dennis Swanberg
Palmetto State Quartet
& New Grace Trio
Daryl Stewart &
Kenneth Fulton
Chosen Vessels
Frances Fulton &
Chris Freeman
Grandpas Neighbors
A Chord of Three
East Mountain
Less Beasley Florida Boys
Quartet NQC 2008
Mark Trammell Trio's Bus
New Grace Trio on stage
Hubbard family

Faithful Touch
Gloria Gaither & Frances
Hendrix Trio
Heaven's Harbor

The Faulkners
His Song
Sonja Barber Band
Ray Reese &
The Kingsmen
Aaron Wilburn
The Robby Wright Family
The Tribute Quartet
The Dixie Echoes
Sonja Barber, Frances,
Debbie & Lauren Talley
Digger Davis & Tombstone
Kellie, Clint & Brent
The Florida Boys
Brian Free
Lauren & Debra Talley
The Proclaimers Quartet
Tribute Quartet
Josh of Tribute Quartet
Wise County
White House Harmony
Hoss Huggins
Frances Fulton &
Mike Powell
Ernie Dawson-Heirline
Friends by Grace
Brad Fulton & Ray Reese
Down East Boys
Duhon Boys
Rodney Griffin
Mark Bishop
His Call Quartet
Richard Fulton
Dove Brothers
Ernie Dawson & Heirline
with New Grace Trio
The Herrins Bluegrass
Jerry Bennett
Betty at Will-Call
Talley Trio
The Nelson Family
New Grace Trio 1995
Less & Frances Beasley
Natalie & Brad Fulton
Roger Talley &
Frances Fulton
The McKameys at NQC
Mark Trammell Trio
Gold City in Texas
Ernie Dawson & Heirline
& France Fulton
Frances Fulton at NQC
Jason & Gerald Wolf
Down East Boys at NQC
Praise, Inc.
His Song
2007 Concert
Mike Powell
What a concert!
David's Song
Melody Boys & Frances
Natalie Kay
Chris, Darrel &
Misty Freeman